The company

Ten Have Plant is the Campanula Specialist. The company of Dion, Rob and Vincent ten Have is distinguished by exclusivity, flexibility and customization. With many years of experience in plant refinement, augmentation and cultivation of Campanulas, Ten Have Plant is capable of developing a wide range of varieties with magnificent colours and special plant characteristics. On a cultivation surface area of four hectares, the nursery produces some 2,300,000 Campanulas annually in seven different varieties. The WPS plant classification system, which ensures maximum oversight in colour and variety, can call down orders from the greenhouse in any desired composition. The sales activities take place via the company’s own sales teamDecorum Plants and via Personal Sales Department of Royal FloraHolland.

The Environment

The Campanulas from Ten Have Plant are grown in an environmentally-friendly manner:
• With minimum consumption of fossil-fuel energy through use of geothermal energy.
• Electricity is generated by a CHP installation, with residual heat used for growing.
• Wherever possible, plagues are controlled by biological methods.
• We provide optimum working conditions for our staff.
• We have obtained the most important certifications, including Fair Flower Fair PlantsMps-florimark-production, MPS A/Gap and Socially Qualified